Laboratory steam jet vacuum pumps

Laboratory steam jet vacuum pumps type ldp1 are based on proven jet pump technology and often used as vacuum producers in chemical laboratories, for pilot plants and in small production plants.

Our steam jet systems have a simple design, they are reliable and require low maintenance.

Mode of operation

Laboratory steam jet vacuum pumps consist of two steam jet stages connected in series and backed by a liquid jet vacuum pump. Unlike the multi-stage steam jet vacuum pumps they do not use any drain pumps or barometric legs.

The specific steam and cooling water requirements are higher in comparison to multi-stage steam jet vacuum pumps which are designed to operate continuously for longer operation periods.

The water consumption of the laboratory steam jet vacuum pumps is relatively high as the jet vacuum pump does not only serve to condense but also to compress the air and gases to atmospheric pressure. The fresh water requirement can be reduced by utilizing water re-circulation.

When cooling water consumption is an important factor, the laboratory steam jet vacuum pumps are supplied with a complete water recirculation system. This consists of the following: water tank, pump incl. motor, water temperature controller, automatic cooling water supply valve, thermometer and interconnecting piping between pump and jet condenser. All re-circulation system parts are protected against corrosion.

The automatic cooling water supply valve ensures that the water temperature is kept within permissible limits.

If required, laboratory steam jet vacuum pumps can even be delivered without water circulation system.


Laboratory steam jet vacuum pumps are used as vacuum producers in chemical laboratories, for pilot plants and in small production plants. Here, they are mostly required for processes operating discontinuously or needing vacuum for short operation periods.

Laboratory steam jet vacuum pumps are portable. The larger packages are supplied with castors unless they are required for stationary use. They can be quickly connected via short suction lines to any vacuum consumer. This is an important feature because branched suction lines incl. shut-off valves etc. are eliminated. The possibility of leakage air entering and consequently, the pulldown time are reduced. This is of increased significance for higher operation vacuum levels.


  • no moving parts
  • maintenance free
  • can be installed in virtually all situations
  • quickly and easily put into operation
  • almost unlimited life, when a suitable material of construction is chosen
  • can be manufactured from various materials of construction
  • low acquisition costs
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