Gas jet ventilator

Gas jet ventilator type gv1 are based on proven jet pump technology and often used to draw off vapors from working areas, to ventilate tanks, circulate air etc.

Our steam jet systems have a simple design, they are reliable and require low maintenance.

Mode of operation

Gas jet ventilators convey air, gases and vapors against pressure differences up to approximately 500 mbar.

The achievable pressure difference between the suction and discharge pressure is the compression of a gas jet ventilator.

Steam or liquid may be used, instead of compressed air or gas, as the motive medium for jet ventilators; in this case, one would speak of steam jet ventilators or liquid jet ventilators.


Gas jet ventilators are used:

  • to draw off stale air, ill-smelling gases and vapors from working and storage areas
  • to ventilate tanks, e.g. on ships
  • as forced blast blowers or stack ventilators for boiler burners
  • for the circulation of air, in particular in the textile, leather and tobacco industries
  • to deaerate reaction vessels, agitator vessels and other items of equipment in
  • chemical factories


  • no moving parts
  • maintenance free
  • installed in virtually all situations
  • immediately ready for operation
  • almost unlimited life, when a suitable material of construction is chosen
  • manufactured from various materials of construction
  • low acquisition costs

As opposed to liquid jet ventilators, gas or steam jet ventilators have the advantage that they can be installed in any installation position and that larger pressure differentials can be obtained.

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