Membrane Filtration Pilot Plant R

The Model R membrane filtration pilot plant is a flexible unit to perform pilot studies on the full range of membrane filtration technologies (Membrane Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration and Reverse Osmosis) under a wide range of operating conditions.

Model R

The pilot plant’s standard configuration allows for testing with either spiral, polymeric membranes, or tubular, ceramic membranes. It can also be setup with other membrane configurations.

The pilot plant can be operated in batch mode, semi-batch mode, or feed and bleed mode. The pilot plant design has a single stage recirculation loop.

The Model R membrane filtration pilot plant is skid mounted and will be delivered with all the components required for quick installation and easy operation, including an operating manual with data sheet templates.

Standard Features

  • Two, sanitary, spiral membrane housings
    • one membrane element per housing
    • 3.8″ diameter, sanitary design elements
  • One, single element, ceramic or stainless steel module
  • 15 gallon tank
  • Control loops
    • temperature
    • tank level
    • feed pump
    • recirculation pump
  • Motor starters
    • variable speed drive for feed pump (5 Hp)
    • on/off starter for recirculation pump (3 Hp)
  • Flow indicators
    • two, permeate rotameters
    • one, concentrate rotameter
    • recirculation mag meter
  • Pressure and temperature gauge
  • Heat exchanger (1m2)
  • High pressure shut down and pressure relief valve
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Skid mounted with wheels

Optional Features

  • 1,000 psig capability
  • Industrial, spiral membrane housings
  • Tubular polymeric membrane housings
  • Other membrane configurations
  • Pretreatment equipment
    • screens and depth filters
    • chemical feed systems
  • Back-pulse device in permeate piping
  • Back-flush system in permeate piping
  • Hazardous area or explosion-proof construction.

Operating Conditions

Membrane Area:
– Spiral: 4 to 14 m2
– Ceramic: 0.2 to 0.36 m2
– Stainless Steel: 0.35 m2
Permeate Capacity:
– Spiral: 20 – 50 gallons/hour
– Ceramic: 5 – 50 gallons/hour
– Stainless Steel: 10 – 50 gallons/hour
Pressure: up to 600 psig
Temperature: up to 200° F
Utility Requirements
Power: 230 / 460V, 3 phase, 60Hz
Electric Service: 10 amps / 460 V
Plant Air: 80 psig, oil-free
Line Size: 3/8″
Cooling Water: 10 gpm, 60° F
CIP Water: 15 gpm
Seal Water: 1 gpm
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