Modular Test Plant

GEA in Ahaus/Germany offers a modular test plant for technologists and product developers in the dairy sector – designed for research, product development, the reproduction of realistic process conditions on a laboratory scale and for pre-series productions.

The test plant is used for the heat treatment of low- to high-viscosity food products such as milk, yoghurt and puddings. Principle In the integrated mixing tank, the untreated pre-product is made up of liquid and powder raw materials. There is an agitator in the tank that can be equipped with various stirring elements. The pre-product is then conveyed to the next process step by a suitable pump. A centrifugal pump is best for low-viscosity liquids, while a progressive cavity pump is used for higher-viscosity and chunky products. The product can be routed to a variety of product treatment stages via swing bends with clamp connections on a panel. Aseptic seat valves from GEA are used for the heat-treated product. The selected onward flow routes are verified by processing the signals supplied by proximity switches in the PLC S7 and visualized on a PC screen or touch screen.

Heat treatment can take place in a tubular heat exchanger, a plate heat exchanger or a scraped-surface heat exchanger. Heat treatment involves the steps warming up, heating, high-heat treatment, cooling and chilling. The PLC records the flow rate, temperatures and the pressures between the heat exchanger units for each individual step and graphically represents the data. Archiving is also possible. The heat exchangers are arranged to provide easy maintenance and short downtimes. For yoghurt applications, a smoothing valve can be integrated into the plant. The test plant is cleaned using the typical steps of a CIP cycle; metering of the cleaning concentrates can be controlled manually or automatically by the PLC.


Capacity: 100 and 500l/h

Material of all product-contact parts: Stainless steel 1.4404 or higher quality

Constant heating temperature: 4-10 seconds


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