Separator and Standardization Unit GEA dairysmart for Milk, Whey and Cream

This skid has been designed for hot milk or whey skimming, milk cleaning, monitoring of the cream fat content as well as automatic tank standardization for milk. It is equipped with a GEA ecocream skimming separator, the GEA IO control system, a booster pump for the operating water, a solids tank and a pump for the solids discharge. All instruments required to fulfill the above tasks are likewise integrated.

The actual rack of the skid is made of stainless steel, all electrical and pneumatical connections are already installed. The unit is designed for dry-room operation. This functionally tested equipment is an automatic, flexible and operational working unit, allowing quick installation and commissioning.

All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel. FDA approved materials are available for the seals. The hygienic design of the unit is certified by sanitary standards.

Easy operation is ensured through the combination of the skid hardware and the IO control system. The processor achieves automatically constant and defined results. The operator can choose between the most effective operating results or an economical approach. Longer production times and production safety are simultaneously assured.

Standard scope of delivery

  • GEA ecocream separator
  • Frequency converter
  • GEA proplus system for extending ejection intervals
  • Special tools
  • Basic spare parts
  • Booster pump for operation water
  • Necessary instrumentation in order to fulfill the dairysmart tasks
  • GEA IO control system
  • Solids tank and pump for solids discharge
  • Feed flow control
  • Back pressure control
  • Cream fat control


  • Conversion kit for a clarification unit
  • Conversion kit for a bacterial clarification unit


  • Milk cleaning / remixing: 3000 l/h – 15,000 l/h
  • Milk skimming: 3000 l/h – 15,000 l/h
  • Whey skimming: 3000 l/h – 15,000 l/h
  • Milk clarification: 3000 l/h – 15,000 l/h
  • Bacterial clarification: 3000 l/h – 10,000 l/h


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Solutions Finder


Depending on the application and the control task our customers can choose amongst different standomat models:

  • standomat WC
    fat control for whey cream
  • standomat C
    fat control for cream
  • standomat CB
    fat control for cream + complete back blending (whole milk)
  • standomat MC fat control for cream + fat control for milk
  • standomat MCL
    fat control for cream + low fat cream < 28 % + fat control for milk
  • standomat MCFD
    fat control for cream + fat in dry matter control for cheese milk
  • standomat MCFP
    fat control for cream + fat to protein ratio control for milk
  • standomat MCA
    fat control for cream + fat control for milk + additive dosing
  • standomat MCLA
    fat content regulation cream (also < 28 %) + fat content regulation milk + additive dosing
  • standomat CMC
    fat content regulation cream + fat content regulation milk

The above-named versions describe only some of the possibilities available. For individual applications, GEA offers solutions customized to the needs of the customer.


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