HYGHSPIN Double Flow

Twin screw pump HYGHSPIN Double Flow – the efficient solution for high pressures

Double flow, hygienic, powerful.

The HYGHSPIN Double Flow extends the range of the HYGHSPIN series for high differential pressures of up to 50 bar. It therefore enables its advantages to be also utilised for high-pressure applications.

The HYGHSPIN Double Flow is a double flow twin screw pump made of stainless steel. It has two external inlet connections and one central outlet connection. A two-sided bearing controls the shaft deflection. The axial thrust caused by the high pressures will be compensated internally. The shaft seals are arranged on the suction side. In summary, all the essential components are loaded only slightly despite the high differential pressures so that increased reliability and excellent durability result. The simultaneous utilisation of two stages also makes it possible to convey a large volume flow.

The HYGHSPIN Double Flow is the hygienic and gentle handling solution for high pressure applications.

The HYGHSPIN Double Flow is available in sizes 90 and 125 as an option. The maximum conveying rate is approximately 100 m³/h. The differential pressure is up to 50 bar.


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Comparison of different pumps

HYGHSPIN twin screw pump
Gentle and regular axial conveying

Rotary piston pump
Slow down and redirection of medium flow

Rotary lobe pump
Slow down and redirection of medium flow


Internationally certified according to EHEDG, 3-A (USA) and Atex.

  • Differential pressure of up to 50 bar
    Controlling the shaft deflection by utilising a two-sided bearing
  • Larger flow volume range
    Two stages work consecutively and thereby enable higher flow volumes
  • Higher service life for the bearing and shaft seal
    Axial forces will be compensated internally, the shaft seals are arranged on the suction side

The advantages of all the HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps are also included

  • Considerable cost savings
    Reduced investment, maintenance and service costs
  • Top quality
    Manufactured completely of stainless steel
  • Exceptionally easy to service
    The pump does not have to be removed from the system for service and maintenance works
  • Highest flexibility
    Various products, viscosities and volumes can be conveyed with just one pump
  • Gentle to products and uniform conveying
    Low speed, minimum pulsation, no pressure impact
  • Highest hygiene level
    No cavities and particularly good rinsing for the shaft seal
  • CIP and SIP:
    Cleaning and sterilising within the system, application as CIP-Conveying pump
Conveying performance 1 m³/h – 100 m³/h
Maximum ø solid material 19 mm
A 980 mm
B 416 mm
C 57 mm
D 178 mm
E 259 mm
G (Inlet) 2″ or DN50
2,5″ or DN 65
F (Outlet) 2,5″ or DN65
3″ or DN80
Weight 310 kg
Conveying performance 1 m³/h – 30 m³/h
Conveying pressure Up to 50 bar
Suction capability NPSH up to 0.5 m
Viscosity 0.5  –  1,000,000 cSt
Product temperature –10 up to 130° C, with oil cooler 160° C
Cleaning temperature Up to 140° C
Sterilisation temperature Up to 145° C
Parts coming into contact with product 1.4404 with 3.1-Certificate
(other materials on request)
Elastomers HNBR with FDA-Approval
(other elastomers on request)
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