Homogenizers One Series

One Series can meet any production request for small and medium productions. They offer a simple design construction, complete with all the options needed to be easily integrated into the system, as ready-to-use and low maintenance units.

Convenience and high quality

One Series homogenizers are the ideal solution for small and medium production plant (from 300 to 10.000 l/h) up to 250 bar of pressure. The high efficient valve allows reduced energy consumption and it guarantees an excellent qualitative standard which, together with the simplicity of the components, constitute the strong points of these homogenizers at three pistons.


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The easiness, both in terms of design and use, and the easy maintenance make One homogenizers reliable and versatile, able to meet different productive needs of the Dairy, Food and Beverage Industries: eggs, milk, yogurt and ice-cream and fruit juices.


Max Flow Rate l/h
Pressure Bar One7TS One11TS One15TS One37TF One75TF
100 1.050 3.300 4.500 8.000 10.000
130 1.050 2.500 3.400 8.000 10.000
150 1.050 2.200 3.000 7.500 10.000
180 1.050 1.800 2.500 6.500 10.000
200 850 1.650 2.200 6.000 10.000
210 850 1.550 2.100 5.700 10.000
240 800 1.300 1.800 5.000 10.000
250 650 1.300 1.800 4.000 – 4.800 9.800
Technical specifications are preliminary and subject to modification without notice.

The homogenizing effects

Available in five models, One Series homogenizers can satisfy any kind of flow rate requests offering different advantages on the product:

  • Enhance the viscosity of the product
  • Enhance the stability and the shelf life
  • Improve the texture
  • Avoid the use of additives
  • Keep unchanged color and taste

Main features

  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • High versatility and efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Pneumatic control and pressure alarm
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