GEA Ariete Homogenizer 5400

Ariete Homogenizer 5400 is the most powerful homogenizer on Earth

Ariete Homogenizer 5400 offers the widest capacity ever achieved (80.000 l/h@120 bar) and the greatest versatility; from dairy to beverage, but also in pharmaceutical and chemical sectors while maximum efficiency and safe operations are guaranteed.


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Ariete Homogenizer 5400 – the highest performance homogenizer in the world

Power and versatility

Ariete Homogenizer 5400 offers the widest capacity ever achieved and the greatest versatility to process all your products with the best possible reliability and safety. Processing parts are absolutely versatile, this in fact allows an easy flow also for viscous products, fibrous juices, dairy by-products and probiotics or in some case it allows to move to a completely different application. Such versatility allows Ariete Homogenizer 5400 to meet the widest market demands. Ariete Homogenizer 5400 is also available equipped with a smaller motor of 315 kW, in order to guarantee the best performance and efficiency for all kinds of production.


The growing demand for high efficiency and safe operations in the dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries has prompted GEA to develop the only homogenizer in the world able to ensure increasing quality standards for continuous production, using less power and fewer resources compared to the other 5 pistons homogenizers on the market.  The high pressure Ariete pump means 7% higher efficiency in its class,  this coupled with the possibility to install GEA high efficiency options such as NiSoPURE, NanoVALVE and OPS allows further savings in production costs (power, water, oil).

Safety and reliability

The new strengthened design confers greater steadiness and stability to the machine in any working condition prevented vibrations and allowing smooth operation and reduced pulsation also for viscous and difficult products.  Thanks to GEA`s expert aseptic capabilities in pharma sector:

  • Inside and outside design allows extreme hygiene and safety 
  • Straight pipes for inlet and outlet connection to manifold
  • Easy cleaning due to no water stagnation areas
  • Slope on external case for discharging
  • Motor position allows safe and easy access for the operator


Entirely built around customer’s needs, Ariete Homogenizer 5400 allows easy and safe accessibility to the inside minimizing service time. The motor position allows safe access to the operator and easy belt tensioning.

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