Homogenizer Compression Block Standard

The Standard compression block is a monoblock head which pumps the product up to the homogenizing valve at high pressure.

The concept of the monoblock head is based on a specific know-how accumulated over 60 years of experience, which combines production technology, fluid-dynamic and structural analysis and materials selection to meet production processes with working pressure up to 600 bar.

The design

The Standard compression block design is based on the optimization of internal passages, with radiused surfaces and without dead zone that minimize the stresses generated by the pulsating pressure, especially on the areas of intersection of holes and channels for the product passage.

Other unique features complement the head: the valve seats can be easily removed, the configuration of the ball or mushroom pumping valves are fully interchangeable, the aseptic version, the 3-A arrangement, the special materials, the wide range of packages for pistons, the front access for maintenance and replacement of the piston gaskets (packings).

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