Homogenizer Compression Block OpenXFLO™

OpenXFLO™ has been designed to extend high pressure homogenization technology to new applications such as latex and polymers nanodispersions, slurries and products containing high fibers or solid parts.

OpenXFLO™ is a patented compression head which can be installed on standard drive end configuration as option, in order to satisfy special product needs.

Typical pressure rating is up to 150 bar, but special executions can be available upon request for higher pressures (up to 700 bar) on industrial scale capacity.

OpenXFLO™: innovative design concept

Thanks to OpenXFLO™ it is possible to pump a fluent product with conglomerated fibers or solid parts without any accumulations or clogging across the liquid end. The free passage of product within the pumping chambers and the pumping valve configuration without springs avoid the risk of solids accumulation.

By the use of OpenXFLO™ the advantages obtained are:

  • No accumulations
  • No production blocks
  • Optimized valve guide design
  • Maximization of the homogenizer performance
  • Free flow of the product up to the homogenizing valve
  • Materials resistant to the corrosion
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