TCO / RCO Series


TCO / RCO systems combine a high cooling capacity with low noise fan. The modules are supplied ready to use and they are easy to adjust to cooling require­ments and the available space, whether they are used singly or in series. The cooling performance of these cooling towers is optimal and operation is problem free. With a 95%+ saving in water, the efficient TCO / RCO systems are the best choice for man and his enviroment.

Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower TCO / RCO
Kelvion Modular Cooling Tower TCO / RCO

The effect of counter flow
TCO RCO open loop cooling towers work on the principle of counter flow. This means that the water flows down while the air is pushed upwards by a radial fan. As the water flows further through the system, the air it encounters is fresher, in other words cooler and less saturated with moisture.

Counter flow cooling towers can approach the wet bulb temperature better compared with cross flow cooling towers.

The security of quality
We design and manufacture cooling towers with long life times and minimal maintenance needs. This is achieved through the materials used – galvanized steel with SORABOND® epoxy coating – the sound design and the experience of our engineers. This range of high quality products is delivered fully assembled and ready to use.


  • Exact dimensioning of the cooling towers, custom designed for each application
  • Superior product quality, in accordance with our stringent standards
  • Completely transportable tower components, fully ready for installation
  • Low maintenance and energy costs
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness over the entire life cycle
  • Implementation for any volume of cooling water desired
  • Implementation of country specific standards
  • Reliable project management


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