Air Dryer


Air dryer are available in different material designs: galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, and smooth pipe. These product variations allow us to offer solutions that best fit to your specific applications and requirements.

Heavy industrial loadings or high temperatures make no difference to air dryers made of galvanized steel. They are manufactured completely from steel to form a welded unit. The elliptical finned tubes are hot-dip galvanized. Frame and headers are protected against corrosion by zinc-dust primer and an epoxy aluminium finishing paint. It goes without saying that the complete heat exchanger unit is also available as a version galvanized in a dipping bath.

Air dryer made of stainless steel are the specialists meeting the highest hygiene standards or for applications involving aggressive media. The seamless joint between tube and fin produced using a laser enables longer service life without performance losses: you benefit from state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with laser finned tubes by us. The heat exchanging surface consists of elliptical or round stainless steel finned tubes.

Plain-tube heat exchangers made by us are the first choice when high performance is called for despite heavy air pollution. The heat exchanging surface consists of round galvanized plain steel tubes. This variant stands out for its long on-stream times and easy cleaning. Cross-flow heat exchange, stainless steel versions or galvanized steel – our engineers will find a solution for your application.


  • Aerodynamically favourable core for low pressure loss and minimum soiling and low noise level
  • Hot-dip galvanizing for good corrosion protection and high heat transfer coefficient
  • High durability resulting in maximum service life and process safety
  • Compact design leading to good use of a given space


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  • Completely galvanized heat exchangers
  • Hairpin-design heat exchangers
  • Heat exchangers with valves on the steam and condensate sides
  • Heat recovery systems made of galvanized steel or aluminum
  • Economizers
  • Multi stage systems with condensate cooling for low steam consumption and accurate air temperature setup
  • Cooling / heating systems with demisters to receive air with requested temperature and humidity
  • Easy to clean, removable heat exchangers, revision hatches, casing designed to avoid germs formation
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