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We successfully merged many years of experience with industry leading research to develop its N series Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers (“GPHEs”). These versatile models are suitable for a wide range of applications in these industries – Petrochemical, HVAC, Chemical, Power, Sugar, Renewable Energy, Food, Marine, Heavy Industry & Mining, and Industrial Refrigeration.

Kelvion’s N Series GPHEs feature an advanced frame design with a wide variety of plate material choices, configurations, and port sizes. The interior N Series plates are the most technologically advanced heat transfer plates on the market with features for efficient processing of all products, including those with high viscosities and fouling tendencies making the N Series the superior choice for your most challenging heat transfer specifications.

OptiWave™ – Plate Pattern

Kelvion’s exclusive plate corrugation pattern allows even flow distribution across the entire plate surface thereby maximizing heat transfer while minimizing fouling rates, plate count, and cost.

EcoLoc™ – Gaskets

Kelvion gaskets work in perfect combination with our plates to ensure worry free operation. Our chamfered opening allows each gasket to settle into position and also prevents the lock tab from being severed. Gaskets can be easily installed without tools or adhesive and self-seat during closing. It takes just seconds to replace a gasket making maintenance quick and easy.

PosLoc™ – Assembly

Kelvion’s trademarked PosLoc plate design allows the GPHE plates to self-align and tightly seal every time the unit is closed.  This feature virtually eliminates plate pack snaking, even if the frame is out of alignment and after repeated servicing. This distinctive feature provides you with years of stress free maintenance and operation.

One Frame For All

Even if the medium or requirement changes, there is no greater flexibility. All of the N series plates can be used in the same frame with varying numbers of plates.


  • Port sizes from DN25 to DN500 (1” to 20”)
  • Heat exchanger surface from 0.5 to 4000 m2
  • Large selection of gasket material (NBR, EPDM and Viton)
  • Extensive choice of plate materials (stainless steel: e.g. 1.4404/316L or 1.4301/304, nickel based alloys: e.g. C267 or Alloy 686, titanium and other alloys such as 254SMO or 1.4571/316Ti)
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