XCR Series


A swimming pool is pure wellness. There is hardly anything more comfortable than to swim in warm water or to bask in a pool. Your health will repay you.

What is useful for hygiene purposes however frequently involves damage to pool equipment: corrosive free chlorine. The service life of standardbrazed heat exchangers therefore is quite limited in most cases. The refined XCR (eXtended Corrosion Resistance) plate heat exchangers from the EcoBraze product line resist this condition. They are made of SMO 254 stainless steel and resist corrosion even at the high chlorine contents common in pool service.

The special plate design and enlarged, stronger braze joints (copper/nickel) make the entire unit more stable and pressure-resistant. XCR brazed plate heat exchangers by GEA PHE Systems are therefore completely protected against corrosion and leaks. Your benefits are maximum safety, economic efficiency and a manufacturer offering the best heat exchanger for pool owners. Worldwide.


  • Long service life due to high-quality stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant at high chlorine contents
  • Individual examination of allowed chlorine / temperature ratio upon request
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