Küba SG industrial


Our air coolers of the Küba SG industrial range have been designed for the applications from approx. 5 to 156 kW cooling duty (depending on refrigerant). Their air straighteners assure equalized air flow, which enables air throw up to 68 m. In combination with great cooling duty, this allows fast temperature control of freshly stored goods down to the desired temperature.

System complexity depends on a wide range of factors. Construction conditions such as large halls require large throws. If the room is frequently filled or if products are removed regularly, opening and closing of doors leads to a high influx of moisture. The installed air coolers must be able to handle such high moisture volumes and keep defrosting intervals to a minimum. If aggressive airborne particles are in the cold room the selection of corrosion protection must be taken into account.

These characteristics make Küba SG industrial air coolers ideal for storage rooms and logistics centers, fast-cooling rooms in slaughterhouse plants, and for cold stores – i.e., for virtually any industrial application in which room temperatures between -40 °C to 45 °C are required. As soon as a reduction in air flow is necessary – e.g., during stocking phases without goods turnover – speed-controlled fans assure sufficient air movement with low energy requirements. Compared to the conventional, non-controlled fan drive system of earlier generations, these fan drives require up to 70 % less power. In addition, these fans are up to 16 dB (A) quieter than previous models. Enhanced heat exchanger geometry and the aerodynamically optimized fan system likewise contribute to greater efficiency. Circuits matched to the specific application, result in greater performance under various operating conditions. In areas like production and logistics of food and beverages, additional characteristics – such as the easily accessible, simply cleaned components – also make positive contributions. The drip tray, for example, is hinged and the fans can, as option, be hinged to clean the heat exchanger. This allows free access to the heat exchanger.


  • Fast cooling and freezing rates
  • Airflow rate on demand
  • Improved noise level by up to 16 dB(A)
  • Savings of up to 70% on electricity
  • Ease of installation and service work
  • 64,000 configuration variants
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Longer up time as a result of newly developed design of the drip tray
  • Great performance by circuits matched to application
  • Optimized heat exchanger geometry: Greater specific output of the heat exchanger
  • Aerodynamically integrated fan system with air straighteners for commercial and industrial application areas. Your benefits in cold rooms: strong and focused air flow with larger air flow rates and greater air throw enable you to achieve fast cooling and freezing rates.
  • Noise reduction of up to 16 dB(A) in comparison to previous fans.
  • Reduced air resistance and great air flow. The new industrial fan system with air straightener, which is precisely matched to the heat exchanger.
  • The first acoustically and aerodynamically optimized, newly developed fan system for industrial unit cooler sizes.
  • Exact control of air flow rates – with 0 – 10-V linear or PWM input and rotational speed signal.
  • Highly reliable output throughout the entire application spectrum. The Küba CAL® distributor outperforms all other forms of distributors for multi-circuited DX coils. It performs with all refrigerants across the complete temperature range. With even refrigerant distribution the expansion valve can easily be set to give the desired amount of superheat. This will ensure the system performs as per design with the highest possible suction pressure and therefore the best COP for the client.
  • In addition to the fan system, air conduction through the heat exchanger plays a key role.
  • The flow-optimized design of the drip tray improves air flow starting from air entry, and assures ideal air distribution.
  • The constant air velocity over the entire fin surface increases refrigerating capacity and ensures a uniform frost build up. Improved control response with longer up times is the result.
  • Efficiency means more than just a good energy-efficiency class. The new fan systems reduce energy consumption by up to 70 % (average of 45 %). This is, on average, two energy-efficiency classes better than before.
  • Owing to the optimal fin structure of the Küba-HFE® system, optimized heat exchanger design enables stable control at minimal temperature differences – also in the part-load range.
  • Thanks to its hinged drip tray and optional hinged fans, the new Küba SG Industrial can be simply and completely cleaned.
  • The hinged side panels are new: they make installation, service, and measurements easier. Simply open the panels and go to work.
  • The units are packed and delivered in installation position, with assembled drip tray.
  • The SG Industrial is an adaptability artist. With its 64,000 possible configuration possibilities, the SG Industrial can be designed spot-on for the most demanding refrigeration tasks.
  • All fan variants (50 and 60 Hz) are available for both air flow directions (draw-through and blow-through). As a result, the new SG Industrial can be flexibly and effectively designed for individual refrigeration requirements – especially for complex applications.
  • Quieter, more efficient, more powerful: the new SG Industrial sets standards with its energy efficiency, air throw, and efficiency. These benefits enhance cost effectiveness with sustainability – two factors that determine the entire life cycle of Küba air coolers: beginning with production, including environmentally friendly packing, and extending to recycling. Impressively sustainable!
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