Küba SF blastfreezer


The SF blastfreezer is the specialist for blastcooling and freezing meat and sausage products, baked goods, pizza and frozen vegetables. Blow-through fans guide the air flow horizontally through the heat exchanger. This achieves optimum air speeds.

Shock freezing foodstuffs is technically extremely demanding on air coolers. The SF blastfreezer meets these demands effortlessly. The technical specifications covering the cooling surface, the air volume, the finned piping system and the distribution of the refrigerant have all created benchmarks and guarantee the reliability of the process.

  • For blast cooling and freezing meat of sausage products, baked goods, pizza and vegetables, the Küba SF blastfreezer is the specialist.
  • Blow-through fans achieve optimal air speed.
  • Large fin spacings guarantee a rapid cooling procedure.
  • This results in long evaporator up times.
  • With adjustable floor brackets, the SF blastfreezer can be perfectly adapted to on site conditions.
  • Flow optimised through precise matching of fans and heat exchangers.
  • Improved distribution of air in the heat exchanger.
  • Integrated full bell mouth.
  • ERP 2015 compliant.
  • Smaller depth: enables you to make the most of the space available.


  • Dimensions correspond with standard tray carts
  • Adjustable floor brackets
  • Optimum air flowrate for blast freezing
  • HFE® tube / fin system and CAL® refrigerant distributor
  • Hinge-down drip tray on both sides
  • High air circulation rate with indirect air flow over the cooled goods
Fin spacing 7 mm
Capacity range (SC3) 14 kW up to 70 kW
Number of fans 2-8
Fan Diameter 560 mm
Fin spacing 10 mm
Capacity range (SC3) 12 kW up to 62 kW
Number of fans 2-8
Fan Diameter 560 mm
Fin spacing 12 mm
Capacity range (SC3) 10 kW up to 55 kW
Number of fans 2-8
Fan Diameter 560 mm
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