Küba DZ production


Our DZ production discharges air on two sides – the ideal solution for large production and working areas such as slaughterhouses and dairies. The unit is also suited for keeping sensitive flowers cool. The flat, ceiling mounted design ensures optimal utilisation of space and perfect distribution of cool air in normal cooling as well as large deep freeze warehouses.

  • The dual discharge cooler Küba DZ production is suitable for large production and food preparation areas in butcheries and dairies.
  • In order to meet strict hygiene requirements, the DZ production is quick and easy to clean thanks to its hinged drip tray and hinged fans.
  • The low profile ceiling design allows for better use of space as well as perfect cooling distribution.
  • The hangers are designed for the unit cooler to be mounted as follows:
    With a clearance of 20 mm to the ceiling for deep freeze applications, to ensure an insulating air cushion or flush to the ceiling for hygiene areas.


  • Optional with hinged fans
  • Generously sized installation area
  • Air is discharged evenly on both sides of the air cooler
  • Even the standard design includes the hinge-down drip tray
  • The low profile ceiling design saves space and distributes cool air perfectly
  • Even in the standard design, the brackets are designed such that the air coolers can be mounted as desired
Fin spacing 4,5 mm
Capacity range (SC2) 5 kW up to 78 kW
Number of fans 1-4
Fan Diameter 400, 450, 500, 560 mm
Fin spacing 7 mm
Capacity range (SC2) 4 kW up to 71 kW
Number of fans 1-4
Fan Diameter 400, 450, 500, 560 mm
Fin spacing 10 mm
Capacity range (SC2) 4 kW up to 62 kW
Number of fans 1-4
Fan Diameter 400, 450, 500, 560 mm
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