Goedhart TN


The Goedhart TN is built to match and fits challenging space requirements like freezing tunnels. The air coolers give a trusted capacity also in difficult circumstances. The construction is floor (TN.s) or flush ceiling (TN.p) mounted and is maintenance friendly. The air coolers are available in a wide choise of materials, tube configurations and accessories depending on your demands. Because of that the Goedhart TN with its rigid modular design is always correct selected by experienced staff.

The food industry is an important market for us. Almost all freezing and cooling supplying companies in the freezing tunnel and spiral world use our equipment. For every kind of application We design together with the client, in a discrete manner, an OEM solution that suits their demands. Varying from compact to mega IQF freezers, Carton Freezers, spiral freezers, Multi belt tunnels and special inline freezer/chillers, we provide an exact fitting solution.

Our coils can be found in the above mentioned solutions for example in tunnels or spirals for French Fries, pizza, bread, pastry, chicken, ice cream, meat, snacks, vegetables processing, etc.

In the area of Carbon Footprint reduction we are also leading, in developing our equipment for environmentally-friendly refrigerants like CO2, ammonia (NH3) and secondary refrigerants like Mono Propylene Glycol .


  • Built to match, fits challenging space requirements like shock freezers
  • Rigid modular design for high capacities
  • Trusted capacity also in difficult circumstances
  • 100% fit to your refrigeration plant
  • Stepped fin spacings for long up-time
  • Wide choice of materials and accessories
  • Always correct selected by experienced staff
Engineering Level Designed-to-order industrial products
Application Cooling and Freezing (+45°C to -50°C)
Air configuration Blow-through and draw-through
Suitable for all known refrigerants, CO2 and coolants
Tube pitch square, staggered
Fin spacing single, stepped
Tube material Copper – Stainless steel – Steel, hot dipped galvanized
Fin material Aluminium – Gold lack – Sea water resistant aluminium – Steel, hot dipped galvanized
Finned length Up to 8500 mm (depending on the material of the coil block and the used options)

On the Goedhart® TN designed-to-order industrial air coolers an extensive number of accessories and optional extras are available, depending on the wishes and applications of the customer.

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