Goedhart BC50/BC50XF


The Goedhart BC50/BC50XF blast freezers are a range of floor mounted air coolers specially designed for quick freezing of food products with a best performance due to special tubes.

Shock freezing foodstuffs is technically extremely demanding on air coolers. The Goedhart BC50/BC50XF blastfreezer meets these demands effortlessly.

The technical specifications covering the cooling surface, the air volume, the finned piping system and the distribution of the refrigerant have all created benchmarks and guarantee the reliability of the process.

The process of quick freezing is very important to minimize the weight loss and conserving the qualities of the food product. The nutritional value is maintained, as well as the original taste. The fans on this range of air coolers have respectively standard 50 and 100 Pa external pressure available to enable the quick freezing process. A lot of possible optional extras are available.

This range is part of our customized industrial series. The coil blocks have copper tubes mechanically expanded into fully collared aluminium fins. A good thermal contact is achieved by expansion of the tubes into the fin collars, that are also utilised as spacers to provide a constant distance between the fins. All coolers are pressure tested to 40 bar (lower at cooling mediums) and are supplied with a light over pressure charge of dried air. Suitable for almost all known refrigerants and coolants, with the exception of NH3. For CO2 applications we have a special LX-range available.


  • High performance due to application-suited circuit design
  • Air direction of all fan variants – blow-through
  • Long-term assurance: highly efficient, ErP 2015 fans
  • Construction for floor / ceiling mounting
  • Minimize the weight loss and conserving the qualities of the food product. Standard 50 Pa (BC50) or 100 Pa (BC50XF) external pressure available
  • Higher specific power, reduced fan speed and air velocity through the coil and significantly reduced current consumption
Engineering level Customized products
Application Cooling and working rooms (+45°C to -40°C)
Number of types 12
Capacities HFO/HFK 15 – 111 kW (R404A dx – SC2)
Capacities CO2 15 – 107 kW (CO2 dx – SC2) up to 60 bar
Fan diameter 630 and 630XF mm
Max. number of fans each aircooler 12
Air configuration blow-through
Suitable for all known refrigerants and coolants, with the exception of NH3
Tube pitch square
Fin spacing 7, 10 and 12 mm
Tube material Copper 15 mm internally plain or internally enhanced
Fin material Aluminium
Material galvanized sheet steel
Finishing neutral (not spray painted)
Fasteners Stainless steel
Refrigeration Connections Standard positioned on the left hand side of the unit when looking with the direction of the airflow
Protection bends and headers By removable cover plates
Defrost hot gas spiral or electric defrost elements will be fixed to the bottom side of the coil
  • Blow-through
  • Internally plain tube
  • Internally enhanced tube (i)
  • Electrical defrost
  • Hot gas defrost
  • Water defrost
  • Secondary defrost
  • Anti-condensation heating drip tray
  • Fan heating
  • Insulated drip tray
  • Polyester drip tray
  • Plastic air streamer
  • Diffusor
  • Diffusor + dampers
  • Insulations disks
  • 60Hz Fans
  • EC Fans
  • 1 Phase Fans
  • Coolants
  • Pump System
  • CO2
  • Vertical Connections
  • Other casing materials
  • Other fin spacings
  • Almg fins
  • Goldlack fins
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