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Before one enjoys a tender and juicy steak or a filet of chicken, a lot will happen. In order to obtain the best product quality possible, from a good nutrition to a secure healthcare system, transportation and so on. Our products are there as soon as the just slaughtered animals are transported into the chilling or freezing tunnels. Naturally you will find our air coolers in the other areas of the slaughterhouse as well. Slaughterhouse coolers have benefited from huge developments over the last decade. Different material choices have extended the life time cycle, reduced energy costs and are providing higher resistance to the detergents that are used today. The key issue is that the our air coolers are the leaders in achieving low dehumidification and long operating times between defrosting intervals. It results in juicy steaks on one hand and a high ROI on the other.

The Goedhart AU is built to match and fits above mentioned requirements and is suitable for arrangement above conveyor rails. The air coolers give a trusted capacity also in difficult circumstances. Long operating times between defrost intervals are possible when using stepped fin spacings. The construction is floor (AU.s) or flush ceiling (AU.p) mounted  and is maintenance friendly. The air coolers are available in a wide choise of materials, tube configurations, fans with external pressure and accessories depending on your demands. Because of that the Goedhart AU with its rigid modular design is always correct selected by experienced staff.


  • Low dehumidification
  • Wide range of material and fan options
  • Always correct selected by experienced staff
  • Long operating times between defrost intervals, due to stepped fin spacings
  • Fans with external static pressure to overcome air side resistance
  • Built to match, suitable for arrangement above conveyor rails
Engineering Level Designed-to-order industrial products
Application Cooling and Freezing (+45°C to -50°C)
Air configuration Draw-through
Suitable for all known refrigerants, CO2 and coolants
Tube pitch square, staggered
Fin spacing single, stepped
Tube material Copper – Stainless steel – Steel, hot dipped galvanized
Fin material Aluminium – Gold lack – Sea water resistant aluminium – Steel, hot dipped galvanized
Finned length Up to 8500 mm (depending on the material of the coil block and the used options)

On the Goedhart® AU designed-to-order industrial air coolers an extensive number of accessories and optional extras are available, depending on the wishes and applications of the customer.

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