Küba market SP


The market SP – just the right product for basic refrigeration applications – has been completely reworked and optimized in all its components. With this product, focused as it is on essential features and variant models, you can receive a high-quality solution and can profit from the absolute reliability and safety of our proven quality.

  • Whether in supermarkets, large refrigerated warehouses, or in cold stores: Beverages, milk and
    dairy products, fresh and cooked meat products keep cool.
  • Maximum energy efficiency with reduced current consumption and a great system performance.
  • The hinged fan system makes cleaning of heat exchangers and fans easy.
  • High-grade powder coating and use of composite-fiber materials minimize the corrodibility.
  • Large connection areas to the side ensure accessibility during maintenance or installation.
  • Ensures quick and energy efficient defrosting after long up times.
  • Integrated terminal box, spring loaded terminals for fast and sure electrical connections.


  • HFE fin-tube system for long refrigeration cycles
  • Efficient defrosting system
  • High-quality integrated fan System
  • Hinged fan system
  • Smooth and hygienic surfaces, with powder-coating finish
  • Water-spray protection for the fan assembly
  • Simple mounting
  • Integrated electrical terminal box
  • Generously dimensioned connection area to the side
Fin spacing 4 mm
Capacity range (SC2) 1,3 kW up to 46 kW
Application range (tL1) -25°C up to +20°C
Number of fans 1-5
Fan Diameter 230, 300, 350, 450 mm
Fin spacing 7 mm
Capacity range (SC2) 0,6 kW up to 32 kW
Application range (tL1) -25°C up to +20°C
Number of fans 1-5
Fan Diameter 230, 300, 350, 450 mm
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