Goedhart PAC


Goedhart PAC, Pleasant Atmosphere Cooler 4 sides air-on, dual discharge air coolers for especially designed to take care for cooling with decreased draft. Because of that PAC is preeminently suitable for rooms that people are working in, like working room applications.

Draught-free ventilation and extremely quiet operation create a pleasant ambience in the room. Of course the Goedhart PAC creates best conditions for processing the goods and allows comfortable cleaning.


  • Air direction of all fan variants – blow-through
  • Long-term assurance: highly efficient, ErP 2015 fans
  • Hinged drip tray, easy removable cover plates
  • The condensation can always carry away to the drains at one side
  • Higher specific power, reduced fan speed and air velocity through the coil and significantly reduced current consumption
  • reduced fan speed and air velocity through the coil block give a pleasant working atmosphere
Application For working rooms requiring draft-free conditions
Engineering Level Level 1, Commercial products
Number of types 22
Capacities HFO/HFK 5,1 – 54,5 kW (R404A dx – SC2)
Capacities Coolant 4,4 65,3 kW (E-glycol 28% tl1=12°C tin=-2°C tout=3°C)
Fan sizes 400, 450 and 500 mm
Max. number of fans each aircooler 4
Air configuration 4 sides air-on, dual-discharge
Suitable for almost all known refrigerants and coolants, with the exception of NH3
Tube pitch staggered
Fin spacing 4 mm : Suitable for applications with air temperatures from 10°C
Fin spacing 7 mm : Suitable for applications with air temperatures from 2°C or with expected frost
Tube material Copper 12 mm i = internally enhanced tubes for refrigerants p =internally plain tubes for coolants(G) and refrigerants(DX)
Fin material Goedhart aluminum ht-fins
  • Construction for ceiling mounting
  • Casing material of galvanized sheet steel
  • The drip tray is hinged and made from light Aluminium
  • Executed with a short air conduction plate as standard
  • Standard white epoxy spray finishing
  • Bend/header protection by end covers, easy removed formaintenance
  • Delivered under a little angle, so the condensation always carry away to the drains at one side
  • Stainless steel fasteners
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