GEA ScanBrine

Homogeneous brines and marinades are a critical factor in the marination process. The application-based venturi/ pump combinations of the GEA ScanBrine delivers perfect mixing from light brines up to heavy marinades. The machine features modular mixing and storage tanks from 500 to 3000 liters, making it possible to expand the system and increase capacity. It is equipped with a single-speed stirring device and easy to operate control panel.


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GEA ScanBrine

Working principle
The mixing tank is first filled with fresh water and the dry ingredients are loaded into the hopper. Then the water starts to circulate and the automatic hopper valve is opened. An advanced venturi pump circuit ensures the ingredients are dissolved and premixed into a
liquid, before entering the mixing tank. The stirring device has two three-wing propellers. After mixing, the brine is pumped into the storage tank, and injector brine tank or another site.

  • Fill with fresh water and load dry ingredients
  • Water starts to circulate
  • Advanced venturi ensures the ingredients are dissolved and premixed
  • Two three-wing propellers
  • After mixing, brine is pumped into the storage tank

An advanced venturi pump circuit, with easy-to-change application-dependent nozzles, ensures the ingredients are dissolved and premixed into the liquid, before entering the mixing tank. Even working with materials which are difficult to mix, complete homogeneity can be obtained. Features like a pressure transducer for automatic water dosing, level control and pump protection in combination with the ingredient hopper that is placed at an ergonomically height, ensure this machine is easy to use.

  • Modular and flexible design
  • An advanced venturi pump circuit
  • Complete homogeneity can be obtained

Developed to the latest hygiene standards for efficient cleaning and improved food safety

Thermal insulation and a cooling jacket with temperature control to maximize yield can also be specified. Other options include a 2-speed stirring device to prevent heavy marinades from separation of ingredients, a vacuum lid on ingredient hopper to prevent foaming, platforms, transport pump and an extra venturi adjustment set.

The GEA ScanBrine is developed to the latest hygiene standards for efficient cleaning and improved food safety. All motors and gears are placed underneath the tank, away from the food zone to eliminate the risk of brine contamination. The highly accessible, self-draining design of tanks, pipes and pump make it fast and easy to inspect and clean the machine. The hopper is electro polished, while the transparent acrylic lids (FDA approved) prevent sediment and liquid falling into the tank and provide visual status of the brine volume.

  • Hygienic design
  • Motors and gears placed outside the food zone
  • Highly accessible, self-draining design
  • Electro polished hopper
  • Transparent acrylic lids (FDA approved)
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