Hot water stretching & Molding unit with dipping arms

GEA offers a hot water stretching and molding unit with dipping arms MINICOMPACT for production capacities up to 100kg/h.

GEA has developed the all-in-one MINICOMPACT system of all-in-one stretching and molding units for smaller dairies and for pilot- or R&D-scale production of stretch curd cheeses. The MINICOMPACT batch machines comprise curd dicer, cooker-stretching vat with dipping arms, and cheese molder in a single unit, with the capacity to process up to 100 kg/h.


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The GEA MINICOMPACT system is a completely self-contained hot water stretching and molding machine that can produce a wide range of stretch curd cheeses. The unit features a rotary disk cutter with adjustable knives, and can be supplied with automated spherical or cylindrical molding units to produce individual cheeses from 5 g up to 1 kg. A version of the MINICOMPACT system is available with a steam inlet to enable steam stretching.

Hot water delivery to the MINICOMPACT system through the inlet can be controlled precisely using manual micrometer valve. The ability for fine control of hot water at the required temperature allows producers to process a range of stretched curd products, from very soft mozzarella to drier, pizza-type cheeses. The mixing vat and molding head are also fitted with hot water jackets, so that the correct working temperature can be maintained throughout the stretching and molding processes.

Prior to molding the stretched cheese is passed through a pressing tool to ensure the correct amount of water is retained.

All GEA stretching machines are built to offer robust, reliable operation. The MINICOMPACT unit is constructed with servo-motor drives and mechanical speed variators toguarantee accurate control of the variable speed feeding augers and molding drum.

GEA machines are constructed using stainless steel AISI 304, and feature Teflon coating on augers, mixing arms and the machine body. Mechanical and electromechanical protection is built in to dangerous areas to ensure operator safety. The MINICOMPACT system’s hygienic design includes wide curvature in corners, and multiple inspection points, to facilitate cleaning and ensure compliance with the strictest requirements.

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