Jet Tank Washer Sanitor

The rotating jet tank washer Sanitor is ideally suited for applications where a compact, low flow, high sanitary unit is required. The unique design offers flexible operating parameters from 2 bar to 20 bar and with flow rates from 24 l/min.

The omission of bearings greatly increases the unit life and prohibits any contamination issues associated with bearing degradation. Additionally this unit offers ATEX exemption and FDA conform materials for a total regulatory compliant package.


  • Slow, constant rotation
  • Ball bearing free-increased service life
  • Large operating pressure range
  • Hydrodynamic bearing
  • FDA conform and ATEX exempt
  • Maintenance-free and durable
  • SIP through the nozzle possible
  • Preferred mounting position: vertical down
  • Available for tank safety system VARITOP®


Wash fluid is directed through the three slots on the rotating central barrel, producing three independent strong fan jets giving total coverage. Each fan jet targets a specific area of the vessel. Ideal for burst rinsing or prolonged washing with instant, strong impact performance. The Sanitor is available in 360° wash patterns.


Ideally suited to low flow, variable pressure applications where a slow constant rotation speed is required to give longer chemical dwell times for improved cleaning efficiency. The wide operating pressure band makes the units truly versatile across any industry sector. The units are suitable for cleaning small/medium size vessels and manufacturing equipment. Compact in design, effective in performance, they meet all the essential FDA requirements of hygiene and purity. This makes them highly suitable for the pharmaceutical, and biotech industries as well as food, beverage and other hygiene conscious industries.

Technical Data
Item Size
Recommended pressure 2 – 20 bar (29 – 290 psi)
Cleaning diameter max. 4.8 m (15.1 ft)
Flow rate 1.5 – 4.8 m3/h
(25 – 80 l/min / 6.6 – 21.13 USgpm)
Spray pattern 360°
Operating temperature max. 95 °C (203 °F)
Ambient temperature SIP max. 140 °C (284 °F), 30 min
Insertion opening BSP/NPT min. Ø 32 mm (1.26 inch) /
PinFix min. Ø 60 mm (2.36 inch)
Materials Stainless Steel 316L(1.4404)
Pipe connection Pin Fix for ½” OD (12,7×1,6) pipe
optional: 3/8” BSP / NPT female
Weight approx. 0.17 kg (0.37 lbs)
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