YEAST-STAR™ Yeast Management

The tailor-made concept for your yeast management – from a simple unit to a complex plant.

Yeast management is the core of a brewery. For ideal yeast propagation – and thus for a good beer – hygienic plant design is essential. Yeast quality is defined particularly by the preservation of yeast viability and by optimized yeast vitality. GEA offers everything for comprehensive yeast management.

Always the right solution

Features of YEAST-STAR™

  • Vigorous, actively fermenting yeast
  • Less equipment required
  • Optimal aeration rates
  • Gentle circulation loop
  • Sterile air station with candle filter and product trap
  • Optional: In-line alcohol measurement, automatic determination of yeast cell count, etc.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Maximum microbiological process safety because the EHEDG guidelines are followed
  • High constant beer quality due to especially vigorous and viable yeast cells
  • Essential nutrients are preserved as additional wort treatment is avoided
  • Little foam formation and homogeneous mixing
  • Highest possible flexibility in the process
  • Optimized concept in terms of space requirements and costs


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