LAUTERSTAR™ Lauter Tun Technology

High efficiency with low life cycle cost

Maximum extract yields and efficient use of resources are important, but with the new LAUTERSTAR™ you will benefit in every way. The lautering time is reduced, flushing and cleaning times are minimized, operating and maintenance costs are lower than with ordinary systems. The LAUTERSTAR™ works so efficiently that the investment pays-off quickly to keep life-cycle costs down. The LAUTERSTAR™ – a milestone in lautering efficiency.

Maximum performance every day

For many decades, GEA has been at the forefront of optimum performance of the lauter tun. In the LAUTERSTAR™, our engineers and brewing experts have applied their know-how and expertise to advance the technology of many major components, from the geometrically optimized wort run-off system up to the highly efficient raking machine. The result is a lauter tun that sets standards in terms of functionality and performance. The LAUTERSTAR™ can handle any cycle and, with up to 14 brews per day, it sets the pace in the brewing process.

Thorough extraction, higher yield

A characteristic feature of the GEA raking machine apart from its competition is the denser arrangement of knives. This arrangement, with the double shoe, leads to a very intensive, even and gentle treatment of the grain bed. The geometrically optimized wort run-off system increases plant efficiency in various respects: better and faster extract recovery with even spent grains leaching across the entire lauter tun. In short: The LAUTERSTAR™ utilizes your resources to the optimum and maintains consistently high wort quality.

Concentrated intelligence for the lautering process

The LAUTERSTAR™ is a top performance lauter tun which, with the addition of our intelligent lautering program Multifunctional Lautering Management (MLM), becomes even better. MLM optimizes all phases of the lautering process – lautering time, yield, wort quality – depending on relevant parameters. Today, MLM is successfully applied in many plants all over the world and can be integrated into existing systems.

Upgrading to the latest technology

Whether raking machine, wort run-off or false bottom – it is possible to retrofit individual components of the LAUTERSTAR™ technology. And an upgrade of your existing lauter tun will already result in a considerable increase in capacity, as comparative analyzes of specific applications show. The upgrade could pay-back within only 4 months.


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