Energy Storage System – ESS

More efficiency with less fuel heat

With the energy storage systems developed by GEA it is possible to recover energy during wort boiling as well as to access surplus energy at the wort cooler for use in the brewhouse. This is achieved by using a vapor condenser with classical energy storage tank or with our energy storage system 2.0 an open system which facilitates the management of the hot water surplus as well.

More than 120 million hectoliters of beer per year are produces worldwide with GEA energy storage systems. Two reasons are responsible for this success: the reduced total evaporation rate in combination with atmospheric boiling and the more efficient energy recycling in the brewhouse.

Calorimeters at vapor condenser and wort heater allow a perfect management of the energy storage systems.

  • Data are recorded and archived by the control system
  • Ad hoc information displayed on the screen of the PLC
  • Operation time of vapor condenser is shown as percentage of total boiling time, if evaporation rate is above balance


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