Brewhouse 2.0

An intelligent approach – optimized OPEX

Given ever rising energy costs and with our focus on green breweries we have developed a brewhouse aimed at reducing operational expenditure (OPEX) and investment required for utility plants. The perfect brewhouse 2.0 consists of a traditional mashing and lautering process with a mashing in cycle of 40 min. This reduces batch sizes and thereby utility peaks.

Sustainable and flexible

The wort treatment is continuous incorporating a boiling step with a minimum evaporation rate, a trub separation step, a stripping process for the removal of volatiles and last but not least a wort cooling process.

This process design allows reduction of the steam peak by 80 %, a reduction of peak electrical power by 20 % and gives rise to optimum utilization conditions for a combined heat & power plant.


  • Ideal concept for sustainable energy supply
  • Perfect combination with combined heat & power plants
  • Significantly reduced steam peak
  • Flexible evaporation strategy with a minimum evaporation rate


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