ECO-FERM™ Optimized Beer Fermentation

More fermenting room capacity without increasing the tank volume

With ECO-FERM™, GEA has developed a system that optimizes the process and reduces the fermentation time by supporting the natural convection processes during fermentation. Significant time savings can be achieved without compromising beer quality.

Optimized quality and higher capacity in the fermenting cellar

ECO-FERM™ is the revolutionary system for gentle jet mixing in fermentation tanks. A mixing organ without any movable parts ensures stable support of the natural bubble column in the tank resulting from the formation of CO2 during fermentation. Thus,much more active yeast cells are kept in suspension, conversion processes during fermentation are accelerated and temperature homogeneity in the fermentation tank is increased considerably.

Reducing fermentation time by supporting the natural convection – ECO-FERM™ provides numerous advantages:

  • Shorter fermentation and maturation time; the total occupation time of a tank is thus reduced by up to 25 %
  • Consistently high degrees of final attenuation
  • Uniformity of the fermentation means better scheduling of tank occupancy
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution in the fermentation tank during warm maturation and cooling
  • Improved yeast vitality due to reduced sediment formation in the tank cone
  • Constantly high beer quality and unchanged flavor profile
  • More fermenting capacity with the same number of tanks


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