The Customer: Zentis Polska Sp. z o. o., Poland

Founded in 1995, Zentis Polska is today the biggest producer of fruit preparations for the dairy and baking goods industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Its success is based on its close collaboration with their clients, which is designed to help them expand their product portfolio and establish new products on the market.

The cooperation between GEA and Zentis Poland, especially with the Technical Development Department dates back 10 years, i.e. to 2009. It involved product selection and technical support for their use in the process installation. The basic elements of this cooperation include training and professional support, also knowledge and experience sharing with the daily use of GEA solutions. Zentis is using a variety of solutions, from the simplest ones, such as fittings and valves to the most technologically sophisticated solutions, as well as aseptic solutions.

The key parameters and the solution

GEA Hilge HYGIA H designed for system pressures up to 64 bar.

For Zentis, it is essential to be able to work in high pressure conditions, three shifts a day, seven days a week.
Pumps have a specific performance curve. The selection of a pump is mainly based on the required duty point and the pumped medium.

The GEA Hilge HYGIA H pumps which are in use, perfectly fulfill the requirements of the specification and are able to confirm these parameters in practice.


Another benefit is that the high pressure pump can be equipped with a double mechanical seal, which enables pumping higher viscous medium, at the same time ensuring the required level of process hygiene. An additional feature is the ability to control the mechanical seal system, with the capability to immediately detect leakage in the event of a defect, before re-infection of the product.

An Interview with Adam Głowacki, Phd, Eng., Director of Technical Development Department at Zentis Poland:

What was the crucial factor to order GEA pumps once again?

The decision of placing an order for another GEA pump was based on the previous experience of working with GEA and the resulting confidence. Add to this – reliable approach, quick reaction, professional specification of equipment, preparation of offers as well as flexible delivery conditions. An important selection criterion was also the fact that all components and pumps are fully cleanable in CIP processes. We do have the possibility of thorough cleaning and disinfection, which in effect ensures the quality of the final product.

The components of GEA feature very good workmanship. They fully meet the conditions detailed in the specifications, provide the possibility of stable, continuous operation in a three-shift system. The GEA Hilge HYGIA H pumps are also very quiet and ensure stability of operation in continuous conditions of a process line.

How was the installation of the pump?

The implementation of the GEA Hilge HYGIA H high-pressure pump was carried out in several steps. We started off by defining the process conditions – we drafted the conditions, in which the pump has to operate. These calculations were made by Zentis itself and we presented them as the conditions for selecting the pump. Then, the colleagues from GEA helped us to select a pump with specific parameters. Afterwards a process installation for the integration of the pump was created. We proceeded with commissioning operations, with water and then with the final product. During the implementation process, we verified the edge parameters of the pump and the parameters of the final product. Once fulfilled, we knew that the pump was perfectly suited to our process and product characteristics.

Adam Głowacki, Director of Technical Development Department at Zentis Poland

The high pressure pump works as it should. Reliable, without any problems. Let me say more: when I did my calculation on the kind of pump we needed, the parameters I worked out made me worry whether it was possible to select a hygienic pump with such exorbitant parameters. And this is exactly the pump we received.”


More Flexibility for your Demanding Process Applications – The premium pump series GEA Hilge HYGIA in the GEA Varipump line consists of single-stage end-suction centrifugal pumps, constructed for use in industries with high demands to hygiene and flexibility.

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