After a long-time service by their Tiromat thermoformer (GEA legacy), the artisan-style catering butcher ABZ Anloo chooses for the new GEA DeltaPak packaging machine. The established trust-based relationship and machine advantages are important reasons to opt for GEA again.

ABZ Anloo profile

ABZ Anloo stands for passion and quality in meat for more than 50 years already. Arie Bos, the father of Erwin Bos – current director of ABZ Anloo, laid the foundation for the modern company: he started his own butcher’s store in Zuidlaren in 1963. In 1973 he settled in Anloo, in a former milk plant. Over the years the company expanded. Now 25 people work at the company and they supply an extensive range of meat product. ABZ Anloo is strongly connected to the region. “We want customers to see us as a real traditional catering butcher.” explains Erwin. “Customization is key in that. We tailor taste, portioning and packaging to the individual customer wishes.” This customization makes ABZ Anloo unique, nothing is standard for them.

“There is mutual trust and that is very valuable.”Erwin Bos

The challenge

Recognizing market developments, Erwin notes that more and more customers prefer “neutral” meat products, to which only salt and pepper have been added. “The real meat flavor must come to the fore.” Stable product quality is important for their customers. “This is one of the reasons why we only work with good suppliers, with whom we make clear agreements and we do not compromise on quality.” Erwin emphasizes that good processing and packaging machines are essential to deliver the high-quality products and customization that ABZ Anloo is known for. The company has been working with GEA for many years. They used the famous Tiromat CS 430 thermoformer for packaging in small portions and after almost forty years of service, it was due for replacement.

“With the GEA machines, we are laying a solid foundation for the future“Erwin Bos

The right performance

ABZ Anloo went in search of a new thermoformer and approached three suppliers. Ultimately, they selected the GEA DeltaPak, the entry-level model within GEA’s range of thermoformers. They use the GEA DeltaPak to pack meat in portions of up to 500 grams. This involves a wide range of meats, so when choosing the GEA DeltaPak, the possibilities of the thermoformer also played a role. For example, the three dieset molds supplied can be used to create different packaging and it is possible to make additional molds. Other advantages are that the GEA DeltaPak can be used to vacuum the products or to pack under Modified Atmosphere for extended shelf-life. The fact that the machine is only five meters long and has a high throughput speed allows the company to save on floor space and personnel costs. “In short, a solid machine that is suitable for smaller volumes and that works both efficiently and energy-saving.” explains Erwin.

Erwin is satisfied with the cooperation with GEA. “They provide customization and the service is very good. We also like the fact that we have a fixed point of contact. There is mutual trust, and that is very valuable.” ABZ Anloo is currently being advised on the new GEA forming machines. “These will offer us more flexibility in the future and give us the opportunity to introduce new products, in order to tap into new markets in this way. With the GEA machines, we are laying a solid foundation for the future.”


The GEA DeltaPak thermoformer is adapted to your vacuum and MAP applications. The conversion to another pack size is simple and achieved in a few easy steps.

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