Wishing to increase the production of a toothpaste product to meet a rise in demand, a major personal care company with a range of oral care products tasked GEA with a number of design challenges: limited space and site utilities were available, cleaning times needed to be improved and the increased output had to be derived from existing equipment.

Despite the very specific requirements GEA’s experienced experts were able to reduce the overall batch processing time by an average of 30%, introduce a buffering system to avoid any utility based bottlenecks and reduce the clean-in-place (CIP) times from 8 hours to 4. As such, the company was able to meet the increased demand, fulfil its orders and avoid any unnecessary expenditure.


Designed to automatically clean an entire line or a single piece of equipment without major disassembly and assembly work, a well-designed Clean-in-Place (CIP) system enables one part of a plant to be treated while other areas continue to manufacture product.

Continuous Success for Toothpaste Supplier

Process Innovation: Saving Time and Money

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