Fresh products and perfectly refrigerated foodstuffs – In the EDEKA Supermarket in Wolfenbüttel (Lower Saxony, Germany), nothing is left to chance thanks to a CO2 supermarket system which serves as a booster system. Since 2011, the installed equipment is responsible for the cooling of the complete Edeka Supermarket.

GEA CO2 compressors ensure sustainable food cooling and refrigeration in EDEKA supermarket

The booster system is equipped with semi-hermetic GEA CO2 compressors and ensures that the right temperature will be maintained in cold storage rooms, cooling cabinets, freezer cabinets and freezer rooms.

The system works with the natural refrigerant R744 (CO2) which presents a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of value 1, and can therefore be seen as a climate neutral refrigerant.

In the high pressure stage, a frequency controlled HGX34/110-4 S CO2 T as well as three transcritical HGX34/150-4 ML CO2 compressors are used.

A frequency-controlled HGX12P/30-4 CO2 compressor and two HGX12P/40-4 CO2 handle the subcritical low temperature cooling.

The refrigerating capacity is in the design point of the system in the normal cooling at approx. 76 kW and in the low temperature at approximately 18 kW.

The system works according to the heat recovery principle, so that the energy received from the refrigeration cabinets and rooms can be used efficiently – e.g. as heating or to supply hot water to the supermarket.

The application was installed by the Kral GmbH. The rack builder was the Christof Fischer GmbH.


Supermarket Refrigeration with GEA CO2 compressors

Regarding applications with CO2 in low and medium temperature refrigeration, so-called Booster systems are used. High pressure of low temperature compressor is discharged directly to the suction side of the second compressor stage. Different plant constructions of these Booster applications are used for example in supermarket applications. Transcritical and subcritical GEA CO2 compressors are used.

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