Emsland Group has built new protein line at their Kyritz plant with GEA as engineering partner.

Potatoes land on our plates millions of times a day, so you would think there is nothing exciting about them. But if you take a closer look, you will soon realize how exciting potatoes really are. The Emsland Group is the expert in the field of breaking down the potato into its individual components and thus making it versatile for all of us. Be it starch and starch derivatives as thickening and binding agents in the food and paper industry, dextrins, which as coatings make French fries really crispy, or fibres and proteins, which are mainly used as animal feed. Nothing is wasted, the potato is completely utilized.

To always get the best out of the fruit is a challenge that motivates the employees of the Emsland Group again and again. This also applied to the new construction of the protein plant in the German Kyritz factory. With GEA as plant designer for the entire engineering of the process line, including delivery and integration of the decanter, they have found the right partner for this.

Michel Hörster, Head of Department at the Emsland Group in Kyritz, explains what was particularly important during the project planning and implementation of the protein plant.

The raw materials are different each year so we’re constantly challenged to get the best out of the potatoes.”– Michel Hörster, Head of Department at the Emsland Group in Kyritz


For food ingredients and protein recovery GEA offers clarifying decanters for applications like the recovery of soy, rice, pea and many other vegetable proteins, for the concentration of algae or amino acids like lysine.

Clarifying Decanters for food ingredients

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