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Domestic and Home Care Processing Solutions

Manufacturers in the home care market operate in a highly competitive and consumer-driven environment in which innovation and brand reputation are paramount. GEA’s best-of-breed integrated process solutions deliver value by securing the project outcome in terms of product safety, batch time, hygiene, cleanability, quality and time-to-market delivery, so that the benefits of innovative products and brand market share are fully realized.


The processes used in these areas present very specific challenges and require very specific skills. By developing and executing projects using dedicated specialized resources and by dealing with a wide range of equipment and application troubleshooting through our design freedom concept, GEA has developed a unique legacy of expertise in dealing with the significant variability of ingredients handling, mixing techniques, product characteristics, cleaning and hygienic processing. From bulk ingredients to minor additions, from miscible liquids to hard-to-disperse powders, from pasty and wax-based products to flammable and water-like ones, and from clear liquids to nano-emulsions, GEA has the experience and know-how to improve and optimize your home care manufacturing processes.

GEA is a global leader in the provision of innovative, hygienic process equipment and turnkey process lines for the home care market. Our expertise in both liquid and powder processing techniques ensure leading consumer Home & Personal Care companies come to us with the knowledge that we can provide high performance technologies to meet their manufacturing requirements.

In-tank and inline mixing, vacuum mixing, dispersing, high shear and high pressure homogenizing, heating, cooling and flash cooling, powder and liquid dosing, compression, de-aeration, bulk and product storage and distribution, product ‘pigging’ recovery, CIP and SIP are the key products and applied unit operations that GEA can integrate into your project.

Liquid Processing

GEA typically gets involved from basic engineering, through detailed engineering and design, construction, installation and commissioning. We can provide a comprehensive range of advanced processing components that can be readily combined with our standardized processing modules (which form the basis of our proven processing systems).

Powder Processing

Powder handling is a key part of many home care processing plants. GEA has the ability to design, supply and commission entire plants or provide discrete advanced engineering to meet your needs. GEA technology includes truck and container unloading, pneumatic conveying and blower packages for the clean, efficient and cost-effective transfer of powders throughout a plant, bulk storage for both raw materials and finished products, bag unloading, batching and dosing for handling systems that require bulk material weighing, and sifting and blending systems for the efficient screening of dry powders and granular products. In addition, GEA is the world’s foremost manufacturer of high-speed rotary presses for industrial and highly technical applications. All are designed specifically to handle fragile products and meet all appropriate sanitary requirements.

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