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The food ingredients sector of the food industry is diverse and spans a wide range of products that are used to help maintain or improve the safety, freshness and nutritional value of our foods, as well as their taste, texture or appearance. Carbohydrates, proteins, extracts or flavors – they are all food ingredients.

Single process units and complete solutions

GEA specializes in the processing of food products, and our portfolio includes a wide range of technologies for ingredients production; from liquid processing and feed preparation through to drying and the conveying, storage and packing of the final products. We can provide solutions ranging from single pieces of equipment to complete plants.

Our years of experience will guarantee hygienic process design based on our comprehensive know-how in food technology. GEA’s philosophy for our design and process engineering is to set the standards for energy saving, product quality and maximum plant output, while complying with the strictest criteria for hygiene and safety at all times.

Our expertise covers a multitude of food ingredients, including:

  • Ingredients for beverages such as energy drinks, extracts, juices, and soft drinks
  • Calcium, dextran, herbs, vitamins
  • Carrageenan, corn syrups, glucose, gum arabic, inulin, maltodextrins, malts, pectin, sorbitol, sugar, xylitol
  • Proteins from vegetables and grains, meat, fish and seafood, gelatins
  • Extracts from vegetables, fruit and berries
  • Animal and botanical oils and fatty substances, fish oil, grains, nuts and seeds

GEA works in partnership with its customers throughout a project lifecycle, from defining the requirements and solutions, to delivery of the plant, on time and fully operational. By taking our comprehensive service and plant upgrade program, customers are also guaranteed plant longevity and optimum performance going forwards.

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