Nutritional Formula

An important source of nutrients

Dried milk products represent an important source of nutrients for millions of babies, young children and adults around the world. Every day, millions of liters of milk are processed into dry products, including infant and dietary formulas.
GEA is one of the world’s largest suppliers of complete, integrated nutritional formula plants for processing the highest quality dairy-based powder products.

Our detailed know-how spans:

  • Infant milk formula
  • Follow-on/follow-up formula
  • Growing-up milk formula
  • Dietary formula

The Right Formula

GEA is committed to providing state-of-the-art plants and equipment for every stage of processing liquid and powdered milk-based nutritional formulas, from the reception, storage and mixing of dry or liquid ingredients, to homogenization, heat treatment, evaporation, spray drying, and packaging of the finished product.

The world’s largest processing companies trust GEA to deliver the most reliable and efficient plants employing the latest technologies designed to meet the most demanding standards of hygienic design.

With decades of experience in dairy and nutritional formula processing, GEA works closely with our clients and industry experts to optimize our applications and technologies to meet the changing demands of the industry. Sustainable production with minimal waste and use of natural resources are key considerations for GEA in the design of our plants.

Some of the largest nutritional formula powder plants delivered by GEA feature processes to extract water from the milk during the evaporation process and to then filter and recycle this water for other uses within the plant. This reduces the demand on local water resources making these plants more environmentally sustainable.

Our goal is to continue to offer customers leading-edge solutions, systems and components that work together to guarantee the highest product quality.

Our dedicated project management teams will oversee each project, from concept and initial design, through to final commissioning and production. We make sure that every expectation is met, on time, and that all ancillary and supporting activities are successfully coordinated with the project workflow. Our experienced teams can help to ensure that expensive mistakes and delays are avoided.

GEA commitment to our customers does not stop at handover. Through our global service teams, training, support and upgrade programs we continue to maintain, optimize and upgrade your equipment and systems for the lifetime of the plant.

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