Creams, Butters & Spreads

Indulge in Taste and Texture

For spreading on bread, for cooking, or as ingredients in the food industry, our creams, butters and spreads are expected to have superior taste and texture.

A complete solution

To meet the highest standards and quality in processing and production, GEA offers a full range of technologies and expertise in dairy processing, and can provide complete solutions for the production of creams, butters, spreads and similar products. Our technologies and expertise span process units and components, process engineering and automation.

By working in partnership with GEA, our customers benefit from more than 100 years of experience in the field of milk processing. We do not just offer technology, however. Our experienced project management teams will oversee your project from the earliest stage of design right through to the plant or production line coming on stream, according to schedule. 

Our expertise will ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed through the whole project process, and help to ensure that there are no unforeseen delays or expensive mistakes. And after handover of the plant, we can offer a comprehensive service and plant upgrade program that will guarantee plant performance and longevity.

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