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Whether it is instant or ready-to-drink coffee or tea, taste and convenience both play significant roles in the definition of quality. Excellent aroma, flavor and stability represent key attributes that will ensure customers are provided with a superior product. GEA makes it possible − every day, all over the world, thanks to our comprehensive portfolio of expertise, and technologies and equipment for every stage of coffee production, from coffee bean selection, handling and roasting, to packing of the finished product.

A complete range of plants for instant and ready-to-drink beverages


The GEA name has for decades been synonymous with the design of state-of-the-art plants for instant coffee production. Our full range of process technologies for the production of instant coffee makes us the ideal technology partner, regardless of the final product, plant or process line. In the ready-to-drink segment we also offer technologies for aseptic filling lines for delicate beverage products.

Our portfolio comprises technologies for:

  • Extraction, extract treatment and aroma preservation
  • Evaporation and freeze concentration
  • Spray and freeze drying
  • Agglomeration and granulation
  • Powder handling and packing
  • Filling

Resources for every phase
GEA’s technological and process expertise, together with our knowledge and experience in plant design and engineering, make us a highly competent partner. Our skilled project-management teams will take your project smoothly through all phases – from the initial design stage to final installation and testing of the equipment, within the scheduled timeframe. Our commitment also extends beyond delivery of the actual plant, as we offer a comprehensive service and plant-upgrade program that guarantees both the performance and the longevity of your production plant.

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